Rant’s Rules of Order

A few rules of the road if you’re going to post responses here:

I like a good discussion of ideas, but if you’re so far to the left that Abbie Hoffman is a radical conservative, or so far to the right that Ronald Reagan is a bleeding-heart liberal, then you’re too extreme for me. We may be ranting our heads off here, but we’re not that far out there. What I’d like to see on this site is open-minded discussion of whatever issues and topics we cover, not extremists harping at each other.

Maligning someone just for the sake of being mean isn’t allowed. Rudeness, either. I believe we can agree or disagree without having to resort to comments like, “Jane, you ignorant slut.” (Comments like that are best left for the professionals at Saturday Night Live.)

If you happen to like what you’re reading on this site, comments are always welcome.

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